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This morning i was looking at some images of product photography, I then went onto lighting and looked at some images based on how to set up the lighting. I also watched a video at this link; . It was not all usefully but did give some tips and ideas of how to set it all up. he was saying to always focus on one light at a time so you can see what sort of shadows will be created and also was taking photos so we could see how they turned out which was helpful. I also did some reading up of ways to set up lighting for product photography.

After lunch i went into the hall to shoot some photos of the temple drum. A white backdrop was set up and i had two lights to work with. I was just experimenting with the lighting and positioning them to create different shadows and lighting. It was not easy as the drum is very reflective but I eventually managed to get some decent ones which may be able to work. I was also experimenting with a prop as that was not reflective as the drum and was letting me see the way the lights were working and shadows being created without all the reflections from the drum, i could then use that to see if i thought the way the lights were set could work with the drum.

Ive uploaded them to light room to organised them into ratings and will start to edit them soon.

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