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Day 1, 10th June 2015.

Day 1, 10th June 2015

Today I spent the day getting used to the new programmes. I am an advanced photoshopper and video editor but I could only understand the adobe language. After 2 hours of navigating and practising on affinity designer, I got used to it, sure there so much more to learn but a lot of shortcuts are in my head to make work much quicker.
Rob taught me about the start of basic colour correcting. It was really interesting because it is an intense detail subject which my college didn’t have time and I can agree we didn’t have the time perfecting the colours on every footage. I did use RGB colour correcting on adobe premiere pro 6 at home but even then it was just random scrolling to get the right colour. I do agree its better to understand something when it comes to editing because then its not random each time and I have more knowledge when I have incorrect colours.
I also got my first client which is really cool. Its always a challenge making clients happy with your designs or edits. I basically have to freshen up a last years poster with small changes and thats always a challenge because you have less options.

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