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Day 2, 11th June 2015

Today we started the day with a meeting at Venue Cymru. The meeting was about our clients telling us what they want doing. Conwy Arts Trust is wanting a new logo, website designs and anything media related which could benefit them. They are a non funded charity and need help with getting their message or their attention out there. They have few projects going on like helping young people with mental health disabilities. Ive already started work on the logo, its pretty hard because it has to be simple and something which represents Conwy and Llandudno but Im getting there. I started to research art logo’s, charity logo’s and just scribbled my ideas down. This will be my first attempt on creating a logo for someone and Ive already learnt how hard it can be thinking of simple stylish logo to represent something which isn’t too random or too obvious.
Yannick 🙂

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