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Day 2


This morning we were introduced to our first clients.
We had two separate meetings.

The first meeting was at 10:30 with Tammi and Siwan. Tammi and Siwan work for Noddfa and are the creative directors of their own site specific performance, “Tocyn i Ble”.
This production will involve the “Cofi’s Bach” youth group.

For their production Tammi and Siwan would like the Stiwdio Fran Wen team to create graphics, film and audio.
When we had our team gathering at 10:00, I made it known to Rob that I would prefer to take a back seat when it came to client work. I decided for myself that this was best because it would allow me to focus and explore more of the computer softwares.
I had not used any of the programmes before and felt too unfamiliar with them, there being so many. Because of this, I was not confident that I was prepared or equipped enough to produce work for the clients which would meet their standards.
Despite my initial thoughts, I had a change of heart after meeting with the first round of clients. Meeting with clients was very different to how I imagined it to be. To be honest I had no idea how it would be.
It was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much. They presented their production well and went into a lot of detail about their vision for the production.

I have taken on the role of producing a short piece of music. The music piece will be used to set the atmosphere, played at an entrance of one of the sets.
> Specific set – the “Power Station” room.

Tammi gave an example of how she would like the music to sound. Something similar to the theme song of  “Gwyn”. She asked for the piece to sound dream like and magical.

Deadline – End of March

The software I’m using to create the piece is Logic Pro X.
I have used the programme before but not much. I hope that I will be able to use Logic well by the end of the project.

The second meeting was with a client called Sera from the organisation, Snowdonia Nights Out Group.
Sera came to the team in hope that we could design a web page for SNOG’s branch, CEG (Cerddoriaeth Eryri & Gwynedd). The branch would promote Welsh artists specifically in the North west area of Wales. It would be a way for people to find and follow artists they enjoy, and receive news updates as well as upcoming gigs.
I enjoyed the whole experience of both meetings. It was interesting to be involved in the business side of the industry.

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