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Day 3

Thursday, February 12th.

Today I continued to work on creating music for Tammi and Siwan using Logic.
This morning I decided to start on a second track. One that would be in contrast to the first one. I wanted the piece to sound more up beat than the original. I felt that the first track was too ambient and mystical for the production. Despite this I will keep both and also work on a third track.

Temple drum

Rob brought in one of his instruments today called the Temple drum. It’s an instrument made from a used gas canister, unusual in shape. When you hit it, it makes bell like sounds. It was interesting to play with and because of the sounds it produces, it could possibly be used for one of the “Tocyn i Ble” tracks.


Time with Gwennan.

At the end of the day we had set some time aside to work with Gwennan.
Gwennan had the team involved in a game. The team involving all members of the stiwdiofranwen project, including Rob, Dei and herself.
For the exercise each individual was asked to search the studio for a random item. The item could be absolutely anything from anywhere within the studio. Whether it being from the prop room, costume room, set design room or the hall. We were given a few minutes to do this and were also aloud to change our choice of item at any time within those few minutes.

When we had all selected our item we were directed to freely place our item anywhere on the floor in the space provided. There was also a row of chairs placed in a semi circle surrounding that space.
After we placed all of our chosen items on the ground, we were asked to take a seat in the chairs.
There, we were sat facing a collection of the items we had picked.
Gwennan asked everyone in the circle what they chose and why. We were to give honest answers with or without reason. For example, if we didn’t know why we’d selected that item we would state just that.
From this, a group discussion developed and we began to look deeper into things.
An example of this would be, that we naturally began reflecting on the reason behind why we had selected that specific object. Not just because, “We liked the way it looked” highlighting its detail.
We started to think about what the item represented and how that particular item we chose was linked to us by our personality or thoughts, the things which help to make us.

From this we would link each item to the next and create stories from the collection.
I enjoyed this session very much, I found it very fun and interesting. I liked the exercise as a whole; how it involved everyone, how we had the freedom to play, a choice in what we picked, freedom to place the items where we wished and that it fuelled us to be creative.
The game allowed us to practice and expand our creativity without us realising. I believe it was a good exercise which taught us how to think more in the moment rather than thinking too much ahead when it comes to being creative. It channelled the inner child in each of us.

Also, we could either use the exercise for our studio projects or just for fun.  Another advantage is that it was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better, which I feel is essential for team work. As well as this everyone was feeding off one another’s ideas. Because of this our ideas developed and expanded rather rapidly, which was exciting to witness and be apart of.

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