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Day 7, 7th July 2014

Finally sent off the Conwy Arts Trust designs today. Yeah felt good, tidied up a couple and was just good getting ready for the next step. Now the interesting wait is here. Im interested what they will think, as a designer one thing you don’t really want is the client choosing some design that was just a scribble and a lack of effort. There is one page I designed and the colour palette is so awful, it reminds me of some 80s sport logo.

After that I wanted to learn more about graphics and so I went through interenet guides and tips. I found a new website which is called logo of the week. Everyone votes for the logo of the week, if its famous or a new independant logo. That was pretty cool. As a practice for new thought process’s I decided to design a logo for a local friend. She has her own beauty business. She has butterfly in her business name so I designed and researched butterfly logo’s.

Thats it from me today. Hope you have a good evening, Im off to a German games night.


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