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joshs blog 7 or 8 dunno

today i photoshopped lots of things an almost finished some pages on website play guitar band sung
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deians secret

today I’ve been messing around with building houses on different programs and trying to build stuff on 3d modelling programs
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me lolz

joshs blog 5 (yay unicorns)

hey today i have been trying to improve the cycle logo and website i also been playing pictojoshdraw my new
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joshs blog (seriously)

today was a very chilled day started off looking at the gwyn game adding a couple of little touches nearly
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joshs blog 3 (why u do dis?)

today i worked on the menu for gwyn and put mine connors and toms face on the credits (think i
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me in da credits like a gangsta lolz

my music lolage

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blog 2 (omg again?)

today i have been doing a main menu for the gwyn game (I’m in the credits yay!) tom got me
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