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Final Day (Again)

Finished the green screen work for the pig town promotional video! 😀
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End Of The Road

Last day of the course, got some more work done on pigtown, might finish it, not too sure! It’s been
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GreenScreen PigTown Footage & Ident

Green screened Wigtown footage and created a draft idea of an ident with a pig animation yesterday night.
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Polished off Guto’s work + Animation + Website Ideas

Polished off Guto’s work, finished it , just waiting on the titles from him. made some animations for the Glasfryn
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3 Things At Once

Spent the majority of the day animating the falling man for the festival in Caernarfon this weekend, chances are it
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Animated 3D Cartoon For Le’ Castle

After yesterdays session creating the 3D animation of the guy falling from the castle window in 4 different ways, today
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3D Animation For Festival

Animated a 3D model of a guy in a suit jumping out of a window in various different ways. Tomorrow
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  Finally rendered Guto’s project, put together with all the tracked titles I possibly could without spending too much time
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Poster For Spectol & More Motion Tracking

Created a poster design for spectol, and continued the motion tracking for auto, just putting the files together into one
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Polishing off Guto’s work. 90% complete

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