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Day 14, 23rd July 2015

Last day today. Yeah, feeling a bit gutted that this is over, back to farming for me. Been a very
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day 12, 22nd July 2015

Hey hey, Today was the final brain battle with creating the last temple drum logo’s. Im starting to notice that
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Day 12, 21st july 2015

Hellooooooooo, Got some more feedback today from clients so it was just head down and work. Last week I sent
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Day 11, 16th July 2015

Today I received my feedback for the logo’s and so I worked all day on them. It makes design work
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Day 10, 15th July 2015

                Today I started on the Temple Drum website. Ive done a bit
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Day 9, 14th July 2015

Good afternoon, Finished and sent off my logo’s for a local friend (beauty butterfly mon) and Temple drum. The bottom
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Day 8th, 8th July 2015

Gooooood afternoon, My brain is empty and tired, I did a lot of research and experimenting with the new Temple
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Day 7, 7th July 2014

Finally sent off the Conwy Arts Trust designs today. Yeah felt good, tidied up a couple and was just good
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Day 5 and 6, 1st and 2nd July 2015

Good evening all, Yesterday was a really positive numbing day. I had my tooth pulled out in the morning and
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