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End of week 4 summary.

Day One.

On the first day of the fourth week we literally just cracked on with the website. Time is short!! We all had our own little roles (me, design) so we could all try and have a go at building it up on our own. I played about with the divi builder and messed about with designs, sections, pictures and text etc. I did that pretty much all day because I’m ‘quite’ fussy.

Day Two.

On the second day we got done building up the home page and one of the project pages. We tried using different colours, different backgrounds, and just different designs in general just to see how it looks best.

Day Three.

On the third day (today!) we chose a primary colour and decided it worked best throughout the website. We also got done finishing the homepage and the project page and put in some pictures which Dani and Rob went out to shoot yesterday. Later in the afternoon we had Ceri who is running the STAMP project come in to view what we had built so far and to get a final conclusion. Good news, she liked it, diolch Ceri!


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.17.17       Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.17.22

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