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End of week one blog It

Its been a very busy 1st  week at Fran Wen studios in Menai Bridge, the group has learnt a lot  about the Media course, I have learnt Graphic design and how to create business cards, We also took a trip down to Caernarfon to look at different Logo’s to see how they are portrayed, our group gave positive and negative feedback about different stores and how they are marketed, We also did mini task’s with one of them being finding out what Caernarfon has to offer i.e. events, shops, hobbies and Interests, we also got constrctive feedback from the public who live in Caernarfon we asked them do you like Caernarfon, we got a range of people with positive things to say and negative things to say about the town. We also met with Ceri who runs the Stamp project and she showed us what the project is going to be building. Today was great I learnt a lot of marketing skills and publicity skills and proceeded with my logos. We also went on Pinterest to find inspiration and we signed our commitment form


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