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End of week one summary.

Day one of Digital Media consisted of meeting our new computers, getting to know our computers and how they work. We went through how to use Affinity Designer and what are the elements, the keyboard shortcuts and all the other difficult stuff which are now actually pretty easy to use. After knowing all the shortcuts we had a little go at trying stuff out and experimenting a bit.

Day two of Digital Media we left the “office” and decided to adventure Caernarfon with GM (Gwennan Mair) and Daf. We played a game? I think it was a game, where myself, Dani & Mark had to ‘adventure’ Caernarfon and had to find about 5 locations, take some photos and some notes and sort of take in the environment. We then had to come back to GM and Daf and draw out a map or a route of our location and also some riddles so they had to go back out and find our locations etc. While they were doing that we had to go back out and take snaps of Logos, posters or whatever we could find and pick out the ones we liked and didn’t like and then present them to the others and explain why we don’t or do like them. Game two? we’ll call it game two. The three of us had go back out AGAIN and find some brochures and also ask one question to ‘strangers of Caernarfon’ which was “What do you think about Caernarfon?” Two out of three of the answers were pretty positive which is always good. After that we all sat back down at the cafe and spent five minutes creating mood boards while we waited for Ceri who is our client I guess? We chatted about what the project was about and what the meaning of it was and where we stand in the project. To end the day we went to visit the area where the first project will be held (I think).

logo oneDay three of Digital Media we’re back at the “office” and today we started trying out ideas on the logo. We talked about colours, font, shapes and symbols. We spent most of the day experimenting out logo ideas and sketching out ideas etc. I think today was also about getting use to Affinity Designer and other stuff.

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