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‘Got it covered’ band photo shoot

This morning I have been going through all the photos that i took yesterday of ‘Future perfect’ I managed to cut out quite a few and Im now left with about 50 to edit for them, I was trying to even out the amount of photos. I only did a bit of cropping and adjusting the brightnes so still need a bit more work doing.

In the afternoon ‘got it covered’ band came in for a photo shoot for the band, so i went into the hall to take some photos. We used some lighting and they used some props for the backgrounds. got some standing up shots and some sitting down, out of them all i have a few that i think are good and have some potential. I also took a separate portrait shot of one of the members and Im going to work on that and try out different techniques and styles and send them to him see which he likes. Once i took the photos I started editing them still need work doing doing.

Temple drum came in.

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