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Gwyl Arall Poster

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Project Lead : Yannick Hammer

Poster for the 2015 Caernarfon Music Festival!

As soon as he joined Stiwdio, Yannick was presented with the challenge of designing a new poster for the Gwyl Arall Festival 2015.

Yannick met with Selwyn from Gwyl Arall and discussed the requirements for the poster.

This poster was a little different to work on as Selwyn had very clear requirements for it. It had to keep the same basic design layout and features, but needed a new colour palette and also a new additional artistic element in the header area of the poster that would be in keeping with the previous years themes to make the poster look fresh, but retain the established branding of the festival.

Yannick worked hard to develop the poster/artwork and did a great job, meeting Selwyn’s requirements perfectly and delivering a great poster that was distributed across Gwynedd as well as on banners and the back of performance stages.[/box]

Skills Learned

  • Poster Design
  • Colour Palettes
  • Working with Vector & Pixel Art
  • Fonts
  • Printing Requirements

Software Used

  • Affinity Design


About Stiwdio Franwen

Artistic Director of Stiwdio Franwen, Founder of North Wales digital media studio Mediapod and co-director of Little Light Dance & Digital Theatre company.
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