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Met with Justin Marle

Today Justin van Marle came in to meet with me, He has his own business ‘fresh photography’ and website at

He was really informative and helpful, he told me to take my photos in raw rather than JPEG that way we can get the most out of touching the photo up. He explained to me about his business. He went over a few things in photo shop, we also went out and took a few photos with the temple drum then edited them so he could show me how he would do ‘product photography’ while we were out taking the photos he also took a few of me to explain about ‘the rule of thirds’ and that we should always focus on the eyes in portraits. He explained so much and I have really taken a lot from what he has said and shown me.

On the 21st he is doing a shoot for a family on the beach at Conwy and has said that I could come along, take some of my own photos and gain some experience and also will be able to see how a professional photographer is at work.

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