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SFW – Conwy Arts Trust

Today we went to Llandudno to meet with the Conwy Arts Trust, they are a fairly new charity who are in need of some branding to widen their audience and get their name recognised. They talked us through who they were and what their statement of purpose is thus giving us a better idea of who they are, what they’re about and what image they wish to portray.

Following this information they went on to tell us how we could help them out, they needed a website, logo and some general branding such at letter heads etc. They will then be able to use this material to identify themselves as a brand and get people to recognise them. They went on further to tell us what kind of designs and ideas to avoid such as location based logos or certain images for example, that may be linked to other local groups . I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and look forward to helping the charity in whatever way I can. The whole board were truly thankful to the Stiwdio for helping them out with this branding project, as they would not have had the resources or budget to do this effectively with out us. This was also very rewarding for Stiwdio Fran wen as we get to use our skills and resources to help out a great charity, such as Conwy Arts Trust.

Following the meeting we all went back to the stiwdio. I continued with my Future Perfect music video and created some 3D motion graphics, to input as the videos introduction. I learnt some more tricks on motion graphics (Thanks to Rob) and my confidence is gradually growing when using it.

Today was a great day at the studio and I can’t wait to continue with the projects. 🙂

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