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SFW- Day 7 – 1st Client meeting!

Today I continued to complete some tasks on Motion, I feel as though I am gaining confidence rapidly, using this software and am feeling ever more confident at the thought of using it to complete projects for clients. I concentrated on creating animations and behaviours for example moving titles and images on the fixed background that I created last week. I really enjoy learning and improving whilst using Motion and can’t wait to incorporate it into a Final Cut project too.

This afternoon I had my first meeting with a client. The client has requested a series of videos to be made for their website, the videos will include a promo video as well as some info videos, this will be a more engaging and entertaining way for potential customers to view for them selves, the types of projects the company is involved in. I swapped contact details with the client and will liaise with her throughout the project.

Following the meeting I will analyse the details collected from the meeting and will do some further research about the company its self such as, their general theme, logo, format, background, message etc.  I will then be discussing some potential ideas with Rob for the videos they have requested.

Another great day at SFW, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s jam packed day, working with some more clients. 🙂

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