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SFW- Day two- Skills in motion!

I couldn’t wait to get to the studio this morning, I was eager finish the fun piece of footage I had put together yesterday. Although the  content isn’t for anything specific it definitely helped me get to grips  with final cut again, I was able to use the skills I already had and develop them further creating a fun video of some of the SFW (Stiwdio Fran Wen) students. I used many of the elements in Final cut that I would use on the project we have in mind, this was a great way for me to refresh my final cut skills before putting them into action for the project ahead. 

Final cut screen shot

Final cut screen shot

I was given a “motion” tutorial today, I had not used this software before therefore this was a great opportunity for me to develop a new skill. I was amazed with the work that can be created using motion and couldn’t wait to have a go. Again, I practiced with some raw footage captured in the studio, learning to use this new programme was a lot of fun. I’m excited to better my motions skills and hopefully I will develop to feel confident enough to use it on some of the awaiting projects.  

Day two at SFW has definitely confirmed that I love video editing and I want to get better at it!  

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