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SFW- week 6

Today, I continued editing my future Perfect music video, adding some cut away footage and flashing lights to my core footage. Whilst editing I came to a bit of a brick wall, where I was struggling to fill the intro with footage that flowed well, with the rest of the video. After trying out various options, I spoke to Rob and he suggested I create a motion graphic, as in intro piece to the film.

I started off by doing some research into the type of image I was trying to replicate, following this I took to Motion to create a “Loading bar”- as you would see on old fashioned video games for example. I then began designing one of these along side a title that would read “Future Perfect” I animated these making it more aesthetically pleasing for the viewer. I still have some more work to complete on this before I input it into the footage I have previously edited, I will continue with this tomorrow. 🙂

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