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Swn Studio – Fideo Hyrwyddo / Promotional video

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Project Lead : Tommy Jones

Swn Studio Tour Video!

Brief : Film & Edit a Promo for newly opened Swn Studio!

After an initial day of filming & photography by Tommy & Josh and recording tracks at for the soundtrack in Swn Studio, we returned to Stiwdio Franwen and began production of the promo video. While Paul was busying away on the animated logo and lower third titles sequence, Connor began work on the sound-score and Tommy reviewed the footage.

As Tommy completed work on the initial offline edit, Connor finished work on the score, exporting it to Tommy to allow him to fine tune the edit to the music while Paul exported the logo animations allowing Tommy to create attractive titles and insert the opening Swn Studio animation. [/box]

Skills Learned

  • Camera Work
  • Tripod / Panning techniques
  • Footage Importing
  • Editing
  • Titling
  • Composing
  • Motion Graphics Animation

Software Used

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Garageband

About Stiwdio Franwen

Artistic Director of Stiwdio Franwen, Founder of North Wales digital media studio Mediapod and co-director of Little Light Dance & Digital Theatre company.
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