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Temple drum

Today I  have been trying to get some product photography shots for the temple drum, It seems to be so impossible to photograph as it is so reflective but I think I managed to get a few that are not  too bad, a load of them are unusable as they have too much reflections on them. This morning I was using the white tent with lighting to try and get the product shots with the plane white background they were a lot better to take but could still see some reflections but worked reasonably well, i tried moving the lights and taking the shots from different angles, I also used the black sheet inside the tent to give a black background, it seemed to be more reflective but some of the textures looked quite well. After getting a few shots I tried photo shopping a couple to see how they would turn out.

I went down to the woods to take more product shots of the temple drum, the ones that had the bridges in the background i think worked really well. The ones that I took in with the actual trees I think didn’t turn out as well as it was way too reflective with all the trees their.

Spectol wanted a design for a profile picture so I had a quick go at editing a few on affinity designer which they can use as their profile for social media, twitter etc.

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