Tom Green

Studio Role : Graphic & Web Designer

A keen skateboarder and snowboarder, Tom joined Stwidio Franwen to learn primarily about Graphic Design, but also delivered websites and took on camerawork happily. Tom benefitted greatly from the fantastic sessions Michael Cottam and Collette Ellis gave, giving him some solid foundations in graphic design and concept art.

After delivering some fantastic logos, posters, business cards, website, icons and game art for Stiwdio Franwen, Tom has now set about starting his own graphic design business in North Wales – watch this space!

Skills Learned :

  • Digital Concept Art
  • Digital Painting
  • Vector & Bitmap Based Graphic Design
  • Colour Palette Techniques
  • HTML Web Design
  • WordPress Based Web Design
  • Photography
  • Filming

Software Used :

  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • WordPress

On the right you can see the projects Tom was involved in and below is a gallery of some of his work in Stiwdio Franwen.

Tom_HTML_ExpAs an exercise in hand coding HTML, Tom built a simple HTML to explore different HTML tags and techniques.

The page is available to view here for reference.


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