Tommy Jones

Studio Role : Filmmaker

Tommy joined Stiwdio Franwen with almost no experience of filmmaking other than a short workshop in Galeri. He had no experience of editing at all.

After 12 weeks in Stiwdio Franwen, Tommy has completed 7 films and promos for clients including Galeri, Baracaws, Cofis Bach and Zipworld.

During the 12 weeks Tommy has progressed considerably with his camera technique and has become a very proficient editor with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Tommy is able to work with effects and transitions and uses many keyboard shortcuts making him a fast and productive editor.

Tommy also had the opportunity to work with Matt Syddall, an experience filmmaker and Timelapse & Motion Controlled Camera specialist on the Galeri Promo.

Software Used :

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects

Skills Developed :

  • Story boarding & shot designing
  • Basic lighting techniques
  • Directing
  • Working and Co-ordinating with Clients
  • Filming handheld, with tripod, shoulder rig and body mounts.
  • Working with Time-Lapse and Motion Controlled equipment.
  • Online Editing using Premiere Pro CC
  • Exporting to correct formats and uploading / transferring online.

You can see the projects Tommy worked on in Stiwdio Franwen on the right.

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