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Week 2

Day 1:

On day one of week two we started to finalise and develop our logos so this meant looking at which shapes worked, what colour pallets and what fonts we thoughts were suitable for our first draft of the final logos. So with this this also meant adjusting the layout of the logo.

stamp logo 2 v2

Day 2:

On day two we did some final weeks to the first draft logos then prepared ourselves for the presentation for the panel of our client. For this we decided into roles such as who would talk about which section of the presentation. In the afternoon we then went to Caernarfon to present our logo in front of the panel.

Day 3:

Day three we got the feedback from the clients and tweaked the chosen logos e.g. the font , the corners and layout. After doing the alterations we then submitted the logos to the client and then they chosen the logo they wanted.

stamp logo black


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