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Film Maker

Nicola Ph Thomas

Nicola joined Stiwdio after studying a Degree in Media & Film at Bangor University.

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Catrin Davies

Catrin joined Stiwdio after a year of studying AS Level Photography at Coleg Llandrillo.

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Motion Graphics & Design

Michael Hughes

Mikey joined Stiwdio Franwen having spent some time studying media at Coleg Llangefni, keen to develop his skills in Motion Graphics as well as getting a feel for Graphic & Web Design.

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Motion Graphics & Design

Yannick Hammer

Yannick arrived at Stiwdio halfway through the project, but that didn’t stop him producing a huge range of logos and designs for our clients!

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Game Developer

Owain Emrys Williams

Emrys had spent some time studying Game Development at Wrexham University and was keen to get stuck into Unity3D & the 3D modelling software to design his own game.

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Game / App Developer

Nathan Barnett

Nathan really thrived in the Stiwdio when he became engaged in developing an interactive game/app for Di-Gartref to use with their clients to highlight typical issues to be aware of when viewing rental properties.

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Game Developer

Ben Palmer

A big fan of gaming, Dubstep and Youtube, Ben spent the initial weeks working on developing games and 3D modelling before starting to explore Music Production and Online Video

“That coding I did this morning, I’m really proud of that.”

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Music & Design

Eden Roberts

A musician with a flare for design, meant that Eden could successfully lend her hand to several projects in the stiwdio, but her crowning achievement was the fantastic track she produced for the Nant-y-Glyn Forest School!

“I don’t want to go home!”

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Designer / Filmmaker

Sion Griffiths

Sion had a wide range of interests and skills to bring to Stiwdio. Having completed a degree in Fine Art from Bangor, Sion was able to bring his creativity and enthusiasm to logo design, set design, storyboarding and camera work.

“I haven’t felt this happy in over 5 years!”

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Musician / Designer / Filmmaker

Dan Jones

Dan was keen to build on his studies in music at Stiwdio producing tracks for the various projects we undertook. Dan found he also had a flair for design and film making too – working with Sion to produce the fantastic Martin Daws “Breathe Myself A Meaning” Promo.

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Web Developer

Jake Reid

It became very apparent from the outset that Jake was keen to start his own company and within a few days he’d already come up with a name, logo and business card design.

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Graphic & Web Design

Paul Spencer

Despite having a flare for Motion Graphics, Paul was keen to learn Web Development and Graphic Design, producing some great logos and websites for our clients.

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Tommy Jones

Tommy, from the outset was keen to become a film maker. With a passion for the moving image and a great eye for angles, Tommy produced several great videos for Stiwdio clients.

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Designer / Web Developer

Tom Green

Tom quickly took to Graphic Design and Web Design producing some great logos that are now out in public on regular use by our clients!

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Connor Thomas

Connor wrote music for several of the productions Stiwdio delivered in 2014.

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Game Developer

Josh Newell

Josh learned to build several different types of games as well as trying his hand at music production, web development and filming.

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