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Temple drum edits

Today I have been using ‘Affinity photo’ to edit my photos for temple drum. Yannick is designing a webpage and needs photos for that, I have tried to focus on a photo that can be used for a header so like one that can be used as like a panoramic type photo. The photos I was using were the ones I took on the walk near the bridges as my main ones to work with. I have been using the denies just to tidy them up a little as they were a little bit grainy just so i could make them as clear as possible. I also used quite a big crop on a few of the photos and Rob went over the rule of thirds with me again so now I have a better understanding of how to place my photos to make it all look presentable and not just random. I also had to use the healing brush as the drum is so reflective so I had to get rid of a few of the shadows and reflections that it had. Something else I had a go at was using the selection tool so I could focus on the background and keep the drum as it was so I could keep the drum as it was then adjust the background to try out different effects. I need to focus now on what I think will work well for the drums pictures. The drum I have been photographing isn’t the actual drum they want to use but the one that is wanting to be photographed will hopefully be here tomorrow so i can then get some proper photos, now that I have a idea of places that works well for it to be photographed it will be better also the new drum to photograph shouldn’t be as reflective so won’t need as much touching up as the purple one I have been working with. I need to make sure I have a photo thats just on a plain white background then I need some panoramic shots and some that just work well as representing the drum.

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