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Day 4

Tuesday, February 17th. 

This morning we had our team meeting as usual. We discussed what we’d been working on last week and what we would like to work on the next few days.
This week I mentioned that I’d like to keep working on the music piece for Cofi’s Bach, as well as gain familiarity with film/audio recording and editing.

I spent some time with Dan and Sion from the team helping them prepare for the filming this afternoon.
For the rest of the morning I took the time to become acquainted with the audio recording device, ZOOMH6 condenser rodeM3

Mike Senior, Mixing Secrets for the small studio – Rob recommended this book to me, I have decided to take it home to read.

This afternoon was a lot of fun. We went to Caernarfon to record the kids at Cofi’s Bach. We had to record audio and film for the graphics that will be projected in the production. Working with children was a nice change and it was interesting to experience how they behaved. For example, some would be shy and reserved where others would be excited and confident. The experience allowed me to understand how to deal with each child uniquely, based on their behaviour and they way they interacted with me.
I find it interesting how the afternoon made me recall what it was like to be their age. As I interacted with each child it made me remember what I was like, by remembering this I feel like i was able to empathise with the every individual young person. The time spent was very rewarding witnessing how important this was for the children and that they were apart of something that they enjoyed very much.

Dan and Sion set up the camera in the hall and had plenty of space to work with. The area they were using was naturally lighted well from the windows which were situated high up in the hall.

Finding a space to record the audio was not so easy. I had to search for an area within the building that was still in sound. I was recommended a room to work in but because the surrounding pipes would make noise, it wasn’t ideal. The sensitivity of the mic would pick up the sound of the water travelling through the pipes. It was essential that I was in a completely silent room, with no disturbances in order to record clear and undistorted audio. After exploring a few areas I found that the office room was the best candidate.

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