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Week 1

Day 1:

In day one we learnt a bit about “Affinity Designer” such as some of the tools what they do and how to use them. With this we then went on to start experimenting. First half of the day while we were taught  the tools we were given little tasks to learn how to use them. On the second half of the day we discussed a little bit about logos and business cards and then we went on to design an logo for ourselves.

t shirt 2

Day 2:

In day 2 we went to Caernarfon to research a bit about the branding of Caernarfon and a bit about Stamp. With this we went around taking photos of Caernarfon itself to see the colour pallet , the logos we could see around and got images and brochures that was branding Caernarfon. With the brochures we’ve made an mood board of Caernarfon. After those tasks we then met up with Ceri from Stamp to learn more about Stamp and what projects they were currently working on.


Day 3:

In day 3 we did more research into logo’s , font’, colours, shapes and contrast , with this what we did was research on “Pinterest” and made a board for ideas for the logo for “Stamp”. After doing some research we all started to experiment with colours , shapes, fonts, effects and so on just to what we think works and what we think that doesn’t.


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