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End of week two summary.

Day One.

On the first day of week two we developed our logos and experimented more with shapes, colour and text etc. We did most of the through the morning so during the afternoon we actually tried to come up with some decent looking logos, which I’d say we all achieved. WOO! After designing LOTS of nice logos we had to choose two or three logos to then present them to the “Boss” the next day. A bit short notice I know.

Day Two.

On the second day of the second week we had to prepare our presentation! We wrote down some questions, tweaked our logos, anything we could possibly think of to nail this presentation. then just before lunch we had a ‘presentation practice’ on CFW (Cwmni Fran Wen) staff just so we all know we’re good and ready. After lunch we went to meet the “bosses” and had a little chat then presented our ideas. I’d say we did a good job, since they did like all the logos.

Stamp Black

Day Three.

On the third day we got a chosen logo! We tweaked it and make it look better (not that it looked bad in the first place). But we tried different variations therefore we could deliver the final look by the end of the day.

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