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Day 5 and 6, 1st and 2nd July 2015

Good evening all,
Yesterday was a really positive numbing day. I had my tooth pulled out in the morning and so all the media work and activity helped to distract the pain. We started the day off with the wakeboarder’s. There was no real plan how to film them, just ideas and go with the flow which is the best way because it makes it more enjoyable rather than a strict BBC shooting script. I came up with the idea of filming from inside the boat to get a closer shot of them doing backflips etc. The day went on with bowling, archery, quad biking and Go-karting.  I could explain each one but the main focus was getting quick creative shots and a lot of angles and footage so we have the choice in post production.

Today I spent the whole day finishing off the Conwy Arts Trust logo. It was another hard start thinking, but once I got one idea I just carried on like a train and so things flowed. I used the small plant concept and used it in each logo as a test. I also fixed a lot of text and tidied up each logo for presentation.

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