Paul Spencer

Studio Role : Motion Graphics & Design

Paul joined Stwidio Franwen to learn more about Motion Graphics, Animation and Graphic Design. Paul had already begun developing his skills in Digital Video editing and basic motion graphics so the Stiwdio was an ideal platform for him to accelerate his development and get professional experience.

Despite suffering with illness for a large part of the project, Paul delivered 2 fantastic logos, a website, a pull up banner, several pieces of advanced animation and some great 3D motion graphics experiments and some very impressed clients!

Skills Learned :

  • 3D motion tracking & compositing
  • Motion Graphics compositing and animation
  • Vector based graphic design
  • Colour Palette and Digital Art techniques
  • HTML Web Design
  • WordPress Based Web Design

Software Used :

  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

On the right you can see the projects Paul was involved in and below is a gallery of some of his work in Stiwdio Franwen.

PaulHTML_Chwarel_pageAs an exercise in hand coding HTML, Paul built a simple HTML webpage for the Chwarel Project – just to get an image and contact info available online.

The page is available to view here for reference.

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